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Feral Cat Spay and Neuter

***Feral cats should NOT have appointments made via our website unless you are certain you can trap them before your surgery date.  You risk losing your deposit if unable to show with them day of surgery. If you are uncertain if you can catch a specific feral on a specific date, on please follow the instructions below; ***


We have set dates that we accept in feral cats for spay and neuter.

*** Contact us for possible feral dates***

Due to us having scheduled surgeries these days, Feral spots are first-come, first-serve.

We can only allow limited ferals on a given day, and cannot allow people to call up and ‘reserve’ spots.


Ferals MUST be brought in live animal traps, such as the example to the right hand of the page.

We CANNOT accept ferals in carriers or any means of containment that is not a live trap.

You may provide a carrier at drop-off for your feral to wake up in post-surgery if preferred.  

Please note that since these appointments are first-come, first-serve your feral may not be accepted in for surgery upon arrival. Even ferals accepted in for surgery, are not guaranteed due to our scheduled surgeries having priority. If your ferals surgery is not able to be completed after being accepted in to the clinic, (If possible with our schedule) we will attempt to offer a hold and roll-over to the next available surgery day. 

Ferals are NOT required to have their ear-tipped at our clinic. Please specify at drop-off if you would like their ear-tipped. 

Upon arrival to the clinic, there will be a phone number outside to text to posted on signs outside. Please text your last name as the prompt says, and include ‘FERAL’ after your last name.


DROP OFF TIME: Drop off between 7:30 am and 8:30am. Pick up times will be discussed at drop-off. 


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