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Caitlyn (Cait)

I have been working at Central for four years. I am the Front End Manager and you’ll usually see me wrangling my cat Luca. Since I was a young child my family has been involved heavily with animals from rescue work with cats to showing and sports with our dogs. These interactions with animals throughout my life has fostered my deep passion for animals. I adore all animals! This includes even the creepy crawlies. I have owned dogs, cats, a miniature horse, geckos, snakes, frogs, jumping spiders, and MANY more. I am hoping to get a Czechoslovakian Vlcak as my next dog!

I spend a lot of my free time doing creative things such as drawing (mostly pets!) and creating educational animal infographics. I also really love research-- I spend a lot of time always learning new facts and information regarding animal science.

Luca is the BEST cat who I actually got at work! I fell in love with him while he was here for a neuter and luckily he was adoptable. You may see him hanging out in the reception area-- if so, say hi! (Ask me about his trading cards!!)

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