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Here at Central Spay Neuter and Wellness Clinic, we strive to work with the community in as many ways as we can. We currently are partnered with select rescues and a voucher program. These appointments are NOT made using our appointment request form and are rather made using the options below.

If you are coming through Humane Solution please fill in the following Contact Form. We do not give out these vouchers, we only accept them once you have been approved through Humane Solution

You must have been approved and have your Humane Solution voucher available to be contacted back. (Will ask for upload of voucher)

What is Humane Solution and what are the qualifications?

If you have adopted a pet through Friends of Stokes Shelter and they have told you to contact us for an appointment, please fill in the following contact form

For all other partnered* rescues please contact us via

336-723-7550 or email us at

to set up an appointment. 

*Only rescues we have formed a relationship with will be eligible for our 501c3 pricing.

At this time we are unable to partner with more rescues.

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