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Image by Samuel Foster


Spay & Neuter - Surgeries are done by appointment only

Prices subject to change without notice:




3-49lbs            $120.00

50-89lbs          $150.00

90-120lbs        $200.00

***We cannot spay females past 120lbs***


3-49lbs            $110.00

50-89lbs          $140.00

90-120lbs        $190.00

***Call for pricing/availability over 120lbs***


Female           $95.00

Male                $80.00

*All prices include mandatory pain meds Cats- $13 Dogs- $17


Vaccinations  - Vaccines are done by appointment only

Vaccines offered: 

Rabies                              $18.00 (pets must be 12+ weeks of age)

Canine Distemper       $18.00 (pets must be 8+ weeks of age)

Canine Bordetella        $22.00 (pets must be 8+ weeks of age)

Canine Lepto+Lyme    $40.00 (pets must be 16+ weeks of age)

Feline Distemper          $18.00 (pets must be 9+ weeks of age)

Feline Leukemia            $18.00 (pets must be 10+ weeks of age)

(negative combo test required for leukemia vaccine)

Vaccine Packages are Available as well

(save money with one lower price for all your vaccine needs)

Wellness Services - Wellness is done by appointment only

Email for pricing if not listed

Exam                             $45.00

Add on pet for Exam  $25.00

Litter Exam                  $125.00

Feline Combo Test        $38.00 (Test for Feline Leukemia and Feline immunodeficiency virus)

Heartworm Testing       $33.00 (pets must be 6+ months of age)
Nail Trim                         $14.00  

Post-Op E-collar            $14.00 

Cardboard Carriers      $10.00 

Ear mite Treatment      $14.00 

Intestinal Deworming   $17.00 and up  

Microchip without smart tag  $28.00

Microchip with smart tag $40.00

Tapeworm Treatment   $18.00 and u

Bloodwork is done in-house.
Panels  can be done during an Exam Visit or  a Spay/Neuter Appointment.

Comprehensive Panel   $155
Chem 17+SDMA+Lytes+CBC
Comprehensive screening profile. Ideal for yearly bloodwork and senior patients.

Pre-Operative Panel   $95
Chem 10+SDMA+Lytes+CBC
Pre-Operative screening profile. Checks for organ function and blood values.

TT4 Addition   $30
Thyroid screening. Measures the amount of the T4 hormone in the blood.
**Can be added in addition to an existing Panel.

Additional Surgical Services

Hernia Repair $70*** (with spay/neuter surgery only) 

Unilateral Cryptorchid Male Fee  $75***

(with spay/neuter surgery only) 

Bilateral Cryptorchid Male Fee     $150***

(with spay/neuter surgery only) 

cryptorchidism is where one or both testicles are not descended

***All Cryptorchid surgeries and Hernia repairs REQUIRE a cone. If one is not provided at drop off that correctly fits the pet, an additional $14 will be added for us to add on a recovery cone for healing


Pregnancy termination (with spay surgery only)

First and Second Trimester $30

Third Trimester $50

IV and Sub-Q fluid fees may apply 

Other fees such as vitamin injections, antibiotics,  supportive fluids etc. may apply with complicated surgeries 

Our surgeries (spay & neuter) are only eligible to healthy* pets aged 4 months to 6 years**
*Pets cannot have pre-existing conditions such as, epilepsy, seizures, active skin infections, broken limbs, stenotic nares*** etc. 

** Age exceptions may be possible with APPROVED pre-operative bloodwork and exam.
*** Breeds not eligible for surgery with us are English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs

other brachycephalic dog breeds are eligible if they come for pre-operative exam and approved for surgery

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